Risk Management


Risk management entails using insurance to protect assets from an underwriteable risk, such as death, disability, property loss or lawsuit. Our goal will be to optimize insurance coverage for overall assets.

Life & Disability Insurance

A premature death or disability will have a major impact on your loved ones, which is why it’s critical to solve for the appropriate life and disability benefit coverage that can replace your projected future income. We will help you understand disability products as well as term, whole and variable annuity life insurance, and implement the appropriate coverage.

Umbrella Coverage

This provides coverage for when homeowner, auto and boat insurance policies are exhausted as well as for claims that may be excluded by other liability policies, including claims like false arrest, libel, slander and liability coverage on any rental properties you own.

Long Term Care Strategies

End of life care can be costly, and planning can help ease the burden. Investment strategies include self-pay, utilization of long-term care insurance, or Medicaid/gifting strategies. We will review the options that make the most sense to your specific needs.