Retirement Planning


Part of the process of designing a sustainable retirement plan is constructing a pathway to lifetime income. In this phase we illustrate what it will take for you to maintain a predictable income and standard of living. Whether your goals include funding a career change or new business venture, and when and how to transition to full retirement, we'll provide advice and feedback on current spending figures, savings rates, and investment return requirements

Accumulation & Investment Strategies

The first half of your retirement plan is the accumulation phase. This is where we answer your questions about “how much” you need to save in a year and advise where to invest and why. Do you max out your 401k? What about contributing to a trust or brokerage account? How should you balance paying off debt and saving?

We will solve for how, how much and where to allocate resources and determine a target investment rate of return. From there, we can construct your diversified investment portfolio.

Distribution Sequencing Advice

The other half of your retirement plan is the distribution phase. How does one go from receiving a paycheck or business distributions to living off investment accounts? We create a seamless transition from working to retirement, allowing our clients to receive a monthly check from their investment accounts in combination with Social Security and/or pension income.

Portfolios will often contain numerous accounts, all with different tax rules. We will efficiently withdraw from appropriate accounts to minimize your tax burden, reduce your overall expenses, and conserve assets for continued conservative growth.